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Secrets to Choosing the Best Dental Chews for Dogs



Like human beings, dogs are also prone to developing tooth disorders, which negatively impact their well-being. So, how can you protect your canine friend from developing tooth disorders? One way to achieve this is by helping to keep their mouths clean by using dental chews. These chews can prevent bad mouth odors and the buildup of harmful bacteria. There are many dental chew brands in the market. You must ensure that you pick the right chews for your dog. This article explains how you can choose the right chews.

Breed and Size

Dental chews differ in size. They are also meant for different kinds of dog breeds. When choosing dental chews for your dog, you need to consider its size and breed and choose chews that will suit it. If you, for example, have a Chihuahua, you should not buy chews that are too large or are meant for a bulldog. You can view the chew's packaging to understand more about the type of dog breed and size the chews are meant for. View dog dental treats

The Components of the Dental Chews

These chews are made from different ingredients such as gelatin and oats. Before purchasing them, you should first determine their components. If your dog experiences any allergic reactions, you also need to list down the components that it is allergic to. Some brands use hazardous materials. Thus, you should research more about the chews you intend to buy, before making the purchase. Choose chews that are safe for dogs' consumption and those that will not cause any allergic reactions.

A Chew's Flavor

Dental chews come in different flavors. They include beef, lamb, and vegetable flavors among many others. For good results, dogs are required to use dental treats for a significant period. Dogs cannot chew treats they do not like. It is, therefore, vital to buy chews that your dog likes. Determine your dog's preferred flavor and choose chews whose flavor your dog will like. View 

Determine Whether the Chews are Acceptable

There are various organizations that inspect products meant for animals, to avoid the manufacture of hazardous products that might harm their well-being. When selecting dental chews, you need to determine if the chews are approved by an authorized organization.  You can find out if chews are authorized by checking the package. Your dog's oral health is important. Therefore, ensure that you pick the right dental chews that will help to safeguard your dog's dental hygiene. View
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